SMOK:n uusi DRIPPAILU-ato!

Säädettävä ilmanvirtaus, eristetty liitin estää nesteen valumisen akkuliittimeen.

Harjattua terästä, keraaminen kanta. 3 postia mahdollistaa myös dual coil setupin tekemisen. Ensimmäinen setuppi jo tehtaalla tehty.


27,00 €
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XPURE is the most creative and excellent dripping atomizer made by SMOKTECH,
it features a new unique adjustable airflow system and a sealed 510 connector to avoid possible
leakage to the battery contact; Constructed from brushed steel so they are guaranteed durable, eco-friendly ceramic base for
added health benefits; It offers versatility as it can be built with single or
dual coils through the 3 posts 1 positive, 2 negative. By overlapping and looping the wick ends at the top you can store more liquid and reduce the number of refills, this makes it better to use for those who like to drip

Model Number: 510
Brand Name:SMOK
Packing Details:Gift box
Style:rebuildable dripping atomizer
Others: stainless steel material

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