Joyetech Cuboid 150w TC

Teho- ja lämpösäädettävä 150W modi. Toimii kahdella 18650 akulla, akut ei sisälly toimitukseen.
Cuboidin ohjelmisto on päivitettävissä mukana tulevalla MicroUSB -johdolla, ja lataus onnistuu myös suoraaan micro-USB johdolla.

- Lämpösäätöä käytettäessä ON tiedettävä, mikä vastus käytössä (Ni, Ti, Kanthal). Kyseinen säätö on oltava vastaavassa.
Nikkeli vastus Temp Ni , Titaani Temp Ti , Kanthal == POWER / W

- Tehosäätö 1-150W
- Toimii kahdella 18650 akulla

Paketti sisältää:
- Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC
- Micro-USB -johto.
- Ohjekirja (English)

65,00 €
Tilapäisesti loppunut


Tilapäisesti loppunut

Tilapäisesti loppunut

Tilapäisesti loppunut

Cuboid, applies Variable Temperature Control system with firmware V3.0 and 150W output, having Temp-SS316 and customized TCR available now.
It is powered by two replaceable 18650 cells with the new slip-open cover.
Multiple colors, 0.96-inch OLED screen and the new dual-battery bar display make it more practical and attractive catering to your preference.
Upgradeable firmware enables it always up-to-date. Now you can upgrade your Cuboid to 200W via VT Software

150W Output and Dual Battery Bar
Cuboid uses two replaceable batteries with the new dual battery bar.
The maximum output can be reached to 150W, making it powerful and convenient.
We kindly recommend high-rate 18650 cells with rated discharge current≥25A.

New Slip-open Cover and Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
The new slip-open cover on the bottom enables you change your battery swiftly by pulling the slider over.
With the Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection, it will protect the device from damage in the event of reverse battery installation.

Temp-SS316 Mode Based on the previous Temp-SS mode, we developed the new Temp-SS316 mode. We kindly recommend you using Joyetech BF-SS316 atomizer heads (0.5ohm/1.0ohm).

Customized TCR Available
Cuboid enables you to adjust TCR values for different materials,
thus further improving the accuracy of temperature control and bringing you the great taste.
There are three options (M1, M2, M3) for you to customize the TCR regarding to the material.

Charging & Upgrading We kindly suggest you take out the cells and charge them with a separate charger. The micro USB port is on the top of the left side. Connect it with a micro USB cable to charge or upgrade your device.

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