Flavor any type of food or beverage, our flavors contain zero fats, calories or sweeteners.

Our highly concentrated, water soluble, multi-use flavorings are the finest and most unique, natural flavoring drops on the market. All of our flavor drops are great tasting and fat, calorie, carb and sweetener free. Capella Flavor Drops are the smart and tasty alternative to sugar and sweetener filled foods and beverages that are high in calories. Capella Flavor Drops can be used to make great drinks for diabetics. At Capella Flavors we strive to produce the best natural flavors that can be used to enhance any kind of food or beverage such as Diet Shakes, Oatmeal, Pudding, Espresso–based drinks, brewed Coffee and Tea, Martinis, Smoothies, Italian sodas, Desserts and more!

We leave the sweetening to you.
Capella Flavors is the first company to develop a unique flavoring product where we leave the sweetening to you. When we say no sweeteners – we mean no sweeteners – both natural or artificial.

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.
Simply prepare your beverage or food – if you enjoy sugar or any other sweetener, go ahead and add it. Then create your own personal flavor profile by adding Flavor Drops to the level of concentration you desire. You are in control.

Enhance water your way.
Sometimes on the road or at work we need a healthy, quick, satisfying and thirst quenching drink – so we developed Capella Water Drops – lightly sweetened with zero calorie, all natural Stevia. Turn water into a custom taste sensation. Use a little or a lot, you know what you like. Make your own low calorie sodas. Experience concentrated flavor and amazing cost savings!

What is 'just the flavoring'?
Now you can add flavor without adding sweeteners or calories. The benefit is that you can flavor any “Pre-sweetened” or “Un-sweetened” beverage by choosing the amount of flavor you prefer. Strong or mild, adding flavor has never been so easy and comes without all the extra fats or calories.

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Apple Pie

Apple Pie